I posted it on my other social networks, but I missed here…I got the internship I interviewed for last week! I’m really stoked. I’ll be working at the MTV production library in Times Square!!!!!!!!!!

How surreal is that.  If you told 15 year old me what my life would become in ten years, I think I would laugh and maybe cry a little bit.

  1. jackieisgreen said: thats so cool! i just got chillllsssss for you!
  2. selectivewreckage said: congrats!
  3. andrearosen said: Congrats!
  4. molly-ren said: High five! :D (Or have I just revealed myself as a huge dork?)
  5. somekindahell said: get me the tapes of when Courtney Love took over MTV2 ok
  6. cadaverx said: Congrats, girl. <3 Don’t forget about us little people. xD
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