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the Mr. T Experience: Love Is Dead

I Just Wanna Do It With You

the Mr. T Experience - I Just Wanna Do It With You

I’ve been up all night and down all day because we’re such a good couple but you’re so far away.  What you are is the best and that’s nothing less than the one I wanna waste the rest of my whole life with. Yes indeed, you’re guaranteed to everything I’ll ever need. I’m wasting my life away and I know I’ll be sorry one day but all I ever wanted to do is this and have someone to waste it with. So anything you want to do I just want to do it with you! I’m not a cool dude I don’t have a tattoo or a big cadillac or a backwards baseball hat. I’m not too tall and I can’t play basketball I can’t do much at all but still you wanna touch it all yeah you do, I do too! Why would I lie, everything I said is true. I’m wasting my life away and I know there’ll be hell to pay but till then I wanna be with you and try to help you waste yours too and anything you wanna do I just wanna do it with you! — We’re so far apart and the trouble is that I can’t take BART out to where you live but I’ve got it all planned: we’ll meet halfway and then we’ll feel so grand when we’re hand in hand and we’re walking… I love you, and it’s not just the prozac talking. I’m just a simple man who you could do much better than. Still I ask respectfully will you waste your life with me? Then anything you wanna do, I just wanna do it with you!